Diet plan to Lose Belly Fat - Benefits and Side Effects

A proper diet actually restricts an individual’s calorie intake and causes certain nutritional deficiencies but these diets have become immensely popular in today’s world and many people even think that this diet is the best option for weight loss. This diet should not be followed for long time as it is neither successful nor healthy.

Diet plan to Lose Belly Fat - Benefits and Side Effects

Overview of this diet plan

Breakfast: Oats, mixed berries, flax seed oil, protein shake and green tea.

Morning Snacks: Fat free Greek yogurt, apples and almonds

Lunch: white fish fillet, sweet potato, broccoli.

Snack: Protein shake

Dinner: Spinach salad, asparagus, grilled turkey breast

Snacks: Fat free cottage cheese, walnuts

Advantages of Fasting for Weight Loss: During this diet plan, your stomach tends to shrink, as a result you require a smaller amount of food to feel full and it naturally decrease your calorie intake once you start eating anything. After doing this diet plan people report to feel healthier and more energetic and they become more active and burn more calories. To increase your metabolism you must exercise. If your goal involves only weight loss, then you should be prepared to adopt such lifestyle as this diet will not help you to lose weight permanently. If you are fasting for quick weight loss, you should avoid water fasting and can go for juice fasting or raw foods instead. But all you have to remember is that do whatever keeping in mind the proper maintaining of food value.

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